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Eliomar Landim is a Brazilian accordionist, composer, arranger and teacher.

His career began at the age of 7 in the interior of São Paulo, where, inspired by his father, he chose the accordion as an instrument of inspiration and form of expression. He studied with big accordion names like Toninho Ferragutti (São Paulo) and Emanuele Rastelli (Italy). He stood out for his virtuosity and versatility in his classical and contemporary repertoire.
Graduated in Classical Accordion by the Conservatório Musical Beethoven in São Paulo-SP, Brazil (2015), Eliomar Landim dedicated himself, in his training work, to transcribing and adapting works of classical music for accordion. He graduated with the piece “Hungarian Rhapsody N.2” by Franz Liszt, with an unprecedented arrangement and adaptation of the maximum degree of virtuosic difficulty, being unanimously approved by the examining board.
His trajectory as a classical accordionist gained notoriety and was leveraged on the classical music program “Prelúdio” on TV Cultura, conducted by maestro Júlio Medaglia, with the concert “Moto perpetuo” by N. Paganini, in addition to being the only accordionist in the competition’s history to qualify for the later stages transmitted, going through all the qualifiers and clashes, reaching the final stage, where he was a semi-finalist in the 2016 edition.

He teaches classical and popular accordion, with students in Brazil, USA, China, Canada and other countries through EAD, in addition to acting as a teacher and workshops at the renowned music academies Emesp Tom Jobim (São Paulo-SP), academy of the Ibirapuera auditorium (São Paulo-SP), University of Popular Music “Bituca” (Minas Gerais) and Conservatory of Curitiba (Paraná).
His first album “Eliomar Landim in concert” (2017), a work that brings transcriptions, adaptations and arrangements by Eliomar Landim for accordion, of works by composers of classical music from the baroque, classical and romantic periods, contemplates the virtuosity and versatility between the works of Vivaldi, Franz Liszt, G. Rossini, F.V. Suppé, R. Korsakov, J. Brahms and N. Paganini.
He is the composer of the “concert for accordion and orchestra nº 1 in Bm”, where he also signs the orchestration in the formation of accordion, string orchestra and timpani (2022). This is the second Brazilian concert for accordion and orchestra, after Radamés Gnattali's concert, which he composed for Chiquinho do accordeon. Eliomar Landim follows his line of influence in composition, walking between the genius of exponents Astor Piazzolla and Toninho Ferragutti. The composition brings the protagonism of the accordion, confronting the theme with the strength of the strings and timpani of the orchestra, characterizing the concrete form of composition “concert”, with three movements, allegro, andante and vivace.
The second album entitled “Eliomar Landim – Baroque Accordion” (2023) brings works from the Baroque period by J.S. Bach and D. Scarlatti, with the participation of the renowned Italian violinist and conductor Emmanuele Baldini.

“Brazil is one of the richest countries in accordion sound, we have true geniuses of this instrument like Sivuca, Hermeto Pascoal, Oswaldinho, and it is with great satisfaction that we now have Eliomar Landim who demonstrates an enormous talent and an ability to understand the instrument” – Júlio Medaglia, conductor.

“Eliomar has an exuberant musicality, reminds me of guitarist Yamandú Costa for the fluency of the notes” – Irineu Franco Perpétuo, music critic.

“His spirit guiding all this (by playing the Paganini concerto) in a very beautiful, very philosophical way, I am more than impressed” – Marcelo Bratke, pianist.

“Eliomar is very whimsical, very coherent, and what is really missing is someone who plays classical music on the accordion, with that knowledge, and it is an immense happiness to see him occupying this space” – Toninho Ferragutti, accordionist and teacher.

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